A firm based on Quality, Safety and Design.

Cucini cassoni ribaltabili e fissi Specifically architected to produce our trimmings, our production plant relies on the most advanced equipment and machinery and covers an overall surface of 10,000 square meters, 5,000 indoor.
We developed our design starting from a consolidated experience built over 45 years of activity. This gives our products maximum functionality, lightness (high maximum load) and durability to grant our customers the best, safest every-day activity.
From commands to painting, every outfitting was made to withstand the most challenging working environments. Hydraulic parts, sideboard locks and all the components exclusively designed for Cucini tippers are the result of technologies produced by the leading manufacturers in the sector.
Our manufacturing process makes only use of certified materials, carefully tested before entering the production cycle, in compliance with the strictest of current regulations and following directions and suggestions from the manufacturers of each specific vehicle.
Soldering carried out strictly by using welding masks.
Our special powder coating process is managed by a modern constant-control system, the most eco-friendly painting method on the market. This ensures a global, homogeneous coating on every element, to prevent uncoated parts or under-protected details. As a result, the whole trimming has an extremely high corrosion resistance, constantly tested in our laboratories on coated metal sheet samples, to ensure the highest quality standards.