Vittore Cucini The company was founded in 1963 by Vittore Cucini as a lorry repair shop, authorized to work on FIAT and then IVECO vehicles until 1990, when the mandate was abandoned.
In 1975, the first outfittings for lorries were built. In the first years, production involved only special, customized outfittings and came secondary to the repair work. Nevertheless, the company had already proved its ability to foresee the market’s demand, building the first waste-collection vehicle with a bin lift/emptying system on the side.
At the end of the eighties, Fabio Cucini joined the company as a technician and dedicated himself exclusively to the development of the outfitting division. The customized productions included the traditional tipper bodies, stake and van bodies etc., and special outfitting such as vans for street vendors, removable van bodies and vehicles for the transport of racing cars, including a semi-trailer for Ferrari, used to transport its historic racing cars.
When Simona Cucini joined the company in 1992 in the financial and administrative section, the final basis was formed which has led us to the present day.